Recycle & Make Money, UK Waste Authority Licence No. GTL/367473

We have over 27 years experience recovering gold, platinum, palladium, silver, rhodium, iridium, rhenium and ruthenium from scrap. We are an independent company and you do not have to sign a contract nor pay annual fees to sell your scrap metals to us.

What we buy

We purchase and process metal in all conditions including dental scrap, dusts and lemmels, jewellery, electronics, thermocouples, industrial catalysts, oil catalysts, alluvial material, bullion, virgin alloys, scrap sweeps, casting debris, used crucibles, complex alloys and ores.

How we pay

We make payments promptly in cash which we send to you by insured special delivery post or on your instructions by cheque or by bank transfer. We pay in any major currency and metals can be priced spot or booked forward at your preference.

MTD direct

Because we have no reps, agents, franchisees or partners no commissions are deducted from our payments to you.

Customised service

Contact us for metal price updates, discuss any particular requirements you have and customise a way of working to maximise convenience and efficiency.

MTD also operate an assayed bullion bar service and a new metals for old service.